4 Questions You Should be Asking Before Deciding on a Medical Courier Provider

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4 Questions You Should be Asking Before Deciding on a Medical Courier Provider

Choosing the right medical courier provider is important especially when it comes to needing lab samples, medical records, test results, images, and other specimens to be picked up and delivered in a timely and safe way to their destination. When choosing a medical courier provider, you should ask these four questions to see if that medical courier company would be the right fit to work for your company. Questions that are asked should pertain to the medical courier company’s experience, equipment, reliability, availability, and discretion.


1. Do they have experience when it comes to taking care of specimens?

When it comes to medical couriers, they should have experience when it comes to working with medical equipment and laboratory samples. Medical couriers should understand what needed conditions need to be met to make sure that a successful delivery takes place. The temperature that specimens are kept at is critical and an impactful parameter for laboratories when it comes to the accuracy and precision of laboratory test results, shelf life and efficacy, and effectiveness and stability. Make sure to ask them how many years of experience they have in the healthcare industry. About 34 percent of medical couriers have only worked in the medical industry for about one to two years before trying out a new industry.

2. Do they require their drivers to participate in a training program?

It’s important to see if a medical courier requires their drivers to have training. Drivers should be informed about the possibility of health risks and how they can try to avoid these when encountering specimens that need to be delivered. Having this knowledge will allow you to put your mind at ease knowing that they will be able to deliver your specimens and other materials safely.

3. How can I track my deliveries?

   Courier providers should allow those they are working with along with their customers to have the ability to easily access and track collections and deliveries that are going on in real-time. Medical courier drivers scan the barcoded specimen bags to verify that they have picked up and have made deliveries electronically. This information can either be found on an app or software that the company uses.

4. Are they insured?

Medical couriers should be insured especially if they are traveling with items that tend to be more fragile like specimens. Accidents unfortunately do happen. That is why it is good knowing that specimens and other important items are well taken care of. Make sure to get clarity on whether the collateral and the driver have both been insured.

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