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All Delivery Sentry products are 10% Off 7/1/22 through 7/31/22 using code at checkout ChristmasJuly2022


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McShane Welding and Fabrication

As an AWS certified welding and fabrication company, McShane Welding can promise you the highest level of quality and integrity on all projects. McShane Metal Products provides experienced welding and finishing services in medium to large projects to provide AutoCAD detailing, punching, drilling, fitting, and more.

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Are Your Samples Getting Overheated in the Sun?

Tuesday Jun 7th, 2022

As summer quickly approaches, the hot weather will soon be coming. When it comes to the summer heat, laboratory lock boxes that are waiting for courier pickup can get overheated because of hot temperatures, which then causes pre-analytical errors. For patients that need immediate test results so that their health care provider can have a better understanding of how to treat them, this can be devastating and can put them in a life-or-death situation. Unfortunately, this is a very common problem that occurs throughout the United States. Here at McShane Welding and Metal Products we are proud to help the clinical laboratory industry keep their specimens cool with our insulated laboratory lock boxes and frozen specimen containers.


How Ice Cream is Made

Wednesday May 18th, 2022

We’ve all heard that saying “You scream, I scream, we all scream for ice cream.” That quote couldn’t be any truer. As we begin, to approach summertime our taste buds start to crave the cool and refreshing taste of ice cream. Ice cream has been a popular treat for over 100 years. In fact, it is believed that the emperors of the Tang Dynasty were the very first people to eat ice cream. This specific ice cream was made from cow, goat, and buffalo milk that was heated with flour. It was quite different than the ice cream we eat today. Countries around the globe enjoy and eat their fair share of ice cream. In Italy ice cream is referred to as gelato, in Japan it’s mochi, and in India it’s kulafi. Ice cream is being enjoyed by millions of people all over the world every day. In this blog, we are going to discuss the ice cream manufacturing process and how McShane Welding and Metal Product’s insulated home delivery porch boxes are being used by creameries for ice cream home delivery.


Medical Laboratory Professionals Week

Wednesday Apr 27th, 2022

Medical Laboratory Professionals Week is an annual celebration that honors laboratory professionals and the role that they have in the health care industry. It is always celebrated the last full week of April. Medical Laboratory Professionals Week started in 1975 as National Medical Laboratory Week by the American Society for Medical Technology which is now called the American Society for Clinical Laboratory Science. The goal for Medical Professionals Week is to raise public awareness of laboratory professionals and pathologists and an appreciation for the important impact on the lives of patients. Originally, it was called National Medical Laboratory Week until 2005 when the name was changed. NML week is organized by 17 national clinical laboratory organizations. Today, there are over 300,000 clinical laboratory professionals.

My company has been using lockboxes from McShane Welding for over 6 years now and is very pleased with the product and customer service. The personnel are all friendly and go above and beyond. The boxes are great quality and our clients love them. We couldn’t be more pleased with our working relationship with McShane.

Autumn Simpson

Representative of a nationwide network of local laboratories

Our courier company strongly encourages the use of LabLockers. We have been a customer for over 10 years and no other metal box vendor we tried in the past compares to the quality and customer service we get at McShane. Any business in the courier industry, specifically medical samples, should consider LabLockers.

Rob Johnstone

Priority Express

Our laboratory has been very satisfied with our choice to purchase the ESC-10 for specimen collection and transportation. This product allows us to control the temperature of the sample by offering frozen and ambient storage solutions. McShane Metal Products have always delivered their products on time while consistently offering fair pricing.

Lazer Schlussel

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