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Mcshane Welding is a leader in heavy steel fabrication and the manufacturing of high quality metal boxes for large and small customers.


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As an AWS certified welding and fabrication company, McShane Welding can promise you the highest level of quality and integrity on all projects. McShane Metal Products provides experienced welding and finishing services in medium to large projects to provide AutoCAD detailing, punching, drilling, fitting, and more.

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Preventing Package Theft This Holiday Season

Monday Nov 2nd, 2020

According to the New York Times, even Santa Claus is a little nervous this holiday season as the large crowds are to be avoided and social distancing will most likely be in full effect. Because of the dramatic changes in the way we live, online shopping during the 2020 holiday season is forecasted to break all previous sales records. Across the U.S. and throughout the world, consumers will do a much larger portion of their holiday shopping online; according to SalesForce. As a result, package theft by so-called “Porch Pirates” is at an all-time high. And likely to increase as consumers receive many more packages delivered to their homes. This holiday season, more than ever it is important to protect and secure your valuable packages. McShane’s range of rugged Delivery SENTRY lockboxes were designed to provide today's consumer with a secure option for home delivery.  


The Delivery SENTRY Advantage

Wednesday Sep 9th, 2020

According to a recent survey, 1 in 5 Americans say they have been victims of theft by “porch pirates” since the start of COVID-19. This increase in theft is due to the massive growth in online purchasing and home delivery. American consumers are getting a significant percentage of their household necessities delivered to their door and with theft on the rise, they need solutions to keep these unattended deliveries safe and secure. McShane Welding is here to help by offering our Delivery SENTRY line of Home delivery lockboxes to keep your packages, goods, and perishables protected. Our Delivery SENTRY come in a range of sizes to accommodate your needs and are equipped with the unique SentryLok, as well as tethers and other mounting options to help protect your valuable deliveries from porch pirates.

McShane’s iconic milk boxes and Delivery SENTRY lockboxes were built with quality in mind to be a long-lasting resource for your home. 

Our boxes are for both indoor/outdoor use and constructed using hand welded heavy gauge galvanized steel for durability and corrosion resistance. The bottom plates on each of our boxes are dimpled to reduce moisture contact. Each box is insulated with ½” EPS foam to keep your favorite delivery products crisp and fresh, making our boxes the perfect solution for grocery deliveries as well as other items that are climate-sensitive.


Work Smarter, Not Harder.

Thursday Aug 20th, 2020

The Clever Foot Lever ™ was developed to reduce the pull-back effort of large rack systems allowing users to manage heavier and more awkward loads with greater ease. The Clever Foot Lever ™ is a tough and powerful lever installed on your professional hand truck. It is designed to neatly retract so it is available when you need it but out of the way when you don’t. And the improved leverage may be especially helpful for smaller stature people. The Clever Foot Lever ™ is available from McShane Welding pre-installed when you order a new Magliner™ or you can buy the Clever Foot Lever ™ as a separate accessory you can easily add to your favorite brand of professional hand-truck. Our Clever Foot Lever ™ was invented by people who understand the daily challenges of professional delivery drivers, material handlers, and the Military. The Clever Foot Lever let’s you work smarter, not harder.

Give Your Equipment an Advantage

Sometimes you buy a new car with desirable options already installed. Sometimes you want the same feature but add it later as an accessory. Here at McShane Welding, we offer the powerful Clever Foot Lever with two different models to best fit your unique needs. Our bolt-on option is easily added to most professional hand trucks. We also offer the Clever Foot Lever ™  preinstalled when you order a Magliner ™. Both models provide a powerful lever-advantage reducing pullback effort and making the heaviest loads easier to handle. Both models are designed to be there when you need it and retract neatly out of the way when you don’t. Whether you use your hand truck for material handling, beverage delivery, food services or other heavy loads; whether you prefer a Magliner ™ or another professional hand truck brand, give your equipment the Clever Foot Lever advantage.

My company has been using lockboxes from McShane Welding for over 6 years now and is very pleased with the product and customer service. The personnel are all friendly and go above and beyond. The boxes are great quality and our clients love them. We couldn’t be more pleased with our working relationship with McShane.

Autumn Simpson

Representative of a nationwide network of local laboratories

Our courier company strongly encourages the use of LabLockers. We have been a customer for over 10 years and no other metal box vendor we tried in the past compares to the quality and customer service we get at McShane. Any business in the courier industry, specifically medical samples, should consider LabLockers.

Rob Johnstone

Priority Express

Our laboratory has been very satisfied with our choice to purchase the ESC-10 for specimen collection and transportation. This product allows us to control the temperature of the sample by offering frozen and ambient storage solutions. McShane Metal Products have always delivered their products on time while consistently offering fair pricing.

Lazer Schlussel

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