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Home Delivery Safety Checklist

According to C+R Research, 25 million dollars worth of packages/services are stolen daily. Package theft has become a significant problem for online shoppers. For many, the convenience of online is being ruined by the harsh reality of so-called porch pirates. In addition to the costs and inconvenience, it can be unsettling to know a stranger has violated your residence. With the average online order being above $100+, we have put together a checklist to follow when receiving packages on your porch.


1. Sign up for Shipping Alerts

Many of the major delivery services offer the option to have either email or text alerts sent to you when they have packages that will be delivered to your household. This is a great way to not only know when a package is delivered but can help you plan any additional actions/options that need to be taken on your end. For example, heading home before doing after-work activities to pull packages inside can prevent package theft at night.

2. Know the Normal Delivery Times

Each delivery service such as UPS/FedEx has normal routes per day which allows you to have a general idea of what time of day packages arrive. This can help you better prepare for any scheduled deliveries and prevent package theft.

3. Install Security Cameras/Smart Doorbell

A security camera such as Ring is a great option to keep an eye on your packages as well as be notified when there is movement near the device. This footage can also be saved to allow for evidence of package theft. Note: Some of these features require a monthly plan. To make the best of your outdoor security cameras make sure they are visible and pointed directly at the package drop-off area.

4. Invest in a Home Delivery Box

While the steps above are great for knowing when your packages are delivered, none of them safely secure your packages from the bad guys. Instead of having deliveries left unsecured at your front door, have them delivered to a home lockbox. In addition, many package thieves prefer quick and easy access. Homes with rugged and secure lockboxes are a less attractive choice. McShane offers a wide variety of Delivery Sentry lockboxes specifically for this use and used nationwide.

5. Bring Packages Inside

As soon as possible bring the packages in so that passerby’s do not have easy access. This sounds easy but is one of the easiest ways to keep packages from being stolen while you are home.

6. Network With Your Neighbors

Often times neighbors can become allies in fighting against porch piracy by not only picking up scheduled packages but also keeping an eye out for any strangers lurking around the neighborhood. Make sure to communicate with neighbors and help each other out.

7. Security Signs

Advertising that your home has a security system may be enough to scare off some thieves. Consider posting faux signs if you’re still saving up for a full security system. There is no substitute for a real system but a majority of porch pirates aren’t highly refined thieves. A home delivery lockbox on your porch can be a significant visual deterrent as well.

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McShane has made over 200,000+ metal box solutions in almost every industry imaginable. Use our expertise and knowledge to help secure your home deliveries in the ever-expanding world of porch theft.

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