CFL-SA-11 Clever Foot Lever

clever foot lever


Adding the power of the Clever Foot Lever™ you can lift heavier loads with less effort without sacrificing maneuverability in tight spaces.

The Clever Foot Lever ™ was originally developed to reduce the pull-back of the Rocke Solid® Rack System, all while moving a heavy, awkward outboard motor. It can be a useful tool for every product delivery driver. It is easier for delivery drivers. After learning about the need for a product like it from professional delivery drivers, we developed it to fit the Magliner and other hand carts.


  • Shared Axle
  • Fits most professional hand trucks with and without brakes. Including Magliner and B&P Liberator
  • 11″ Pedal Length
  • 4″ Wide Treadle

*Different Pedal Length Options are Available Upon Request. Standard Pedal lengths are calibrated to provide equivalent mechanical advantage in both mounting configurations.

The innovative Clever Foot Lever TM provides a significant mechanical advantage when added to a professional hand truck. Operators can lift heavy loads with less effort and better control.

The average hand cart is stamped with a loaded weight allowance of 500 pounds. Without the Clever Lever ™, it is almost impossible to pull that much weight back without straining your back.

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